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Research Article

Individuals Diagnosed with Phenylketonuria are Not at Greater Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Nadine Assaf, MS, RDN, LDN*, Ruth Williams-Hooker, MS, RD, EdD, FAND, Dale Bowman
Research Article

Αntioxidant Activity of Cretan Herbs and Herbal Combinations

Emmanuel Psylinakis, Marina Koukoulanaki, Anastasia Markaki, Aspasia Spyridaki*
Research Article

Self-Efficacy and Dietary Behaviors in University Students With High and Low Perceived Stress

Jerome Kotecki*, Maurita Greene, Jay Kandiah, Jagdish Khubchandani
Research Article

Characterizing the Impact of Soaking and Germination on Yellow-Eyed Bean Flour

Marcia M. English, Lauren Viana, Jordan Michael, Charles F. Forney
Research Article

Nutrition Education Provided by a Dietetic Intern Improves the Nutrition Knowledge and Behaviors of Mississippi High School Culinary Students

Abigail Mills, MS*, Sara Foley, MS, RD, FAND, Ruth Williams-Hooker, MS, RD, EdD, FAND, Christina Rochelle, MS, Dale Bowman, PhD
Short Article

Food Waste throughout the Food Production Continuum – Water Food and Energy Nexus

Elena Castell-Perez*, Rosana G. Moreira, Hal S. Knowles, III
Research Article

Prevalence of Food Security among College Students in a Southeastern University

Wanda M. Koszewski*, Rachel Holland, Alison K Barbera, Alison N. Sadek, Gary Brooks
Research Article

Heavy Metals Contamination in Marine Fish Samples of Bangladesh

Md. Mazharul Islam, Mohammad Shoeb*, Robiul Islam and Nilufar Nahar
Research Article

Use of Lightly Potassium-Enriched Soy Sauce at Home Reduced Urinary Sodium-to-Potassium Ratio

Nagako Okuda, Makoto Miura, Kazuyoshi Itai, Takuya Morikawa, Junko Sasaki, Tamami Asanuma, Mikako Fujii, Akira Okayama

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