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The Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences​​ (JFNS) is an international, single blind peer-reviewed journal offering accessible and comprehensive coverage of food, beverage and nutrition research. Only manuscripts of sufficient quality that meet the aims and scope of the journal will be reviewed.

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Research Article

Beneficial Effect of 3% Thymoquinone on Stem Cell-Mediated Improvement in Immune System and Anti-Inflammatory Function

Kevin Yuen, Akshay Alex, Marco Raffaelle, Hsin-Hsueh Shen, Juancarlos Ospino, Lars Bellner, Nader G Abraham*, Stephen J. Peterson
Research Article

Beta-caryophyllene, An Anti-Inflammatory Natural Compound, Improves Cognition

Stacey J. Bell*, Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, Pei-Ra Ling
Research Article

Assessment of Delphinol® on Measures of Vascular Function in Men and Women

Jacquelyn Pence, Roddy Morris, Ivo Pischel, Richard J. Bloomer
Review Article

Psoriasis and Nutrition: a focus on Microbiome and Microbiota. A Review

Velluti Valeria*, Egidi Gabriele, Gagliardi Lucilla, Santini Stefano Angelo3, Anselmi Gaia, Aquilanti Barbara, Matera Giuseppina, Miggiano Giacinto

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