• Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences
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Metropolitan Consumers: Preferences for Local Food in the Supermarket

Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences [2024; 5(1): 58-68]
Received: 11 July 2024, Accepted: 06 April 2024, Published: 12 June 2024

This research aims to identify consumers' perceptions and preferences toward local food availability in supermarkets and to develop strategies the grocery industry can use to meet consumer needs and preferences. The questionnaire was developed, and 2,276 panel participants were invited to participate in the online survey. Of these, 1,465 completed at least 85% of the survey and are included in the final data, resulting in a 64.4% response rate. 75% respondents purchased locally grown/produced foods sometimes (52.2%) and always (22.9%) while 14% indicated that they do not know/do not pay attention to where food is locally grown/produced. The most commonly selected reasons were "Support local economy" (73.9%) and "Support farmers" (72.2%). These were followed by "Sustainability" (46.1%) and "Food Safety" (36.6%).  Respondents indicated that "Price" (66.3%) and "On Sale" (44.8%) were the most influential factors in their decision making to purchase local foods, followed by the presence of informational signage at 34.5%.

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