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Women's Health Research - is a high-quality open access publication that deals with all aspects of women's health issues and healthcare. Women's Health Research has been appearing regular periodical and is thus becoming one of the best electronic journals with the uninterrupted publication since its foundation. Original articles, comprehensive reviews, case reports, short communications, and letter to the editor are suitable for submission. The journal will also publish findings that are controversial to the established norm.

Duration of the review process: The duration of the evaluation process depends entirely on the quality of the submission. All submitted manuscripts will undergo a three-step review process: preliminary check, plagiarism check, and single-blind expert peer review.

Women's Health Research journal gratefully acknowledges the assistance and help of researchers who have contributed to the evaluation of submissions to our journal. The authors retain the copyright of their published articles. All our publications are open access, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ This policy is displayed below each published article on our website. Send us a presubmission inquiry at womenshealth@scholarlyinsights.org

Research Article

The Hypothesis of Fetal Origin of Breast Cancer: An Update

Tongzhang Zheng, ScD*, Stephen Buka, ScD, Karl Kelsey, MD, George Papandonatos, PhD, Junhie Oh, BDS, Andreas Sjodin, PhD, Xichi Zhang, MPH, Zhengmin Qian, MD, and Kunchong Shi, MD
Case Report

Late Osseointegration Failure of Implant Case

Pia Chatterjee Kirk*, Ravi Chandran, James R. Lot
Research Article

Rotational Thromboelastometry as a Tool for Decision Making, Diagnosis, and Management of High-Risk Obstetric Patients in a Tertiary Care Center: A Case Series

Antonio Gonzalez Fiol*, Kristen L. Fardelmann, Nayema Salimi, Sonya Abdel-Razeq, Peter Mancini, Aymen Alian

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