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About the Women's Health Research Journal

The Women's Health Research Journal is a premier venue for discoveries dealing with radiation effects and related subjects in the areas of obstetrics, gynecology, menopose and hormones, bone health, reproductive health, obesity in women, diabetes in women, addictive behaviors and cardiovascular diseases that will advance the practice of medicine.

Broad readership and scope. The Women's Health Research Journal reaches readers across a wide range of advancements in diagnostic procedures, therapeutic protocols for the management of diseases, and innovative research in gender-based biology that impacts patient care and treatment. The journal also publishes basic and clinical research articles on all aspects of the health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and women, with a particular focus on the physical, mental, and emotional health of women in developed and developing nations. The journal welcomes submissions on women's public health issues, health behaviours, breast cancer, gynecological diseases, mental health and health promotion.

Open access. All research is available to the public for free.

Fast decisions. For submissions sent to external reviewers, authors receive decisions in under 30 days on average. For submissions that the Women's Health Research Journal determines not to be of interest, authors receive decisions within 7 days on average.

Questions about submissions under consideration?

For any communication with us, please reference the tracking number assigned by the Women's Health Research Journal noted in the acknowledgment of your submission. If you do not have this information, reference the manuscript title and corresponding author’s name. Send e-mail to contact@starlingscience.com or call 734-222-6050.

To avoid confusion regarding correspondence, inquiries, and decisions, the Women's Health Research Journal will typically communicate only with corresponding authors of submissions.

Editorial Board. The journal is headed by Editor in Chief and an Editorial Board of peer scientists from the universities and academic research institutions/centres around the world.

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