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Case Report

Late Osseointegration Failure of Implant Case

Women's Health Research [2021; 3(2):46-58]
Received: 14 August 2022, Accepted: 06 September 2021, Published: 13 September 2021

Aim: Dental Implants success rates are indicated by their ability to osseointegrate to the surrounding bone. And although reported implant success rates are very high, failures continue to occur. Implants ensure their success with careful diagnostic methods, and most times any contributing factors that can inhibit success can be accommodated through adjustments to treatment.

Methods and Materials: A 77 year old female presents with a fractured tooth to the gumline that would require extraction. After being given her treatment options, patient chose to receive an implant in the anterior maxilla. This article is a retrospective view of this case.

Results: Implant #10 appeared to have initial osseointegration. Radiographs taken at each step exhibit the deterioration of bone over time. Clinical signs of implant failure began 3 weeks after restorative impression. Patient also began experiencing symptoms such as discomfort upon palpation to the site at this time. This case resulted in removal of the implant due to total failure to osseointegrate.

Conclusion: With primarily anterior occlusion, it is possible the late failure of the implant is due to occlusal overload. Another factor that is prevalent in this case is previous medication taken for history of rheumatoid arthritis that can interfere with osseointegration.

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