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In Words There is Health

Archives of Healthcare [2020; 1(3):112-113]
Received: 25 August 2020, Accepted: 16 September 2020, Published: 21 September 2020

There was a term that came to be

It made us feel, think and act awkwardly


“Social distancing” was the name first devised

But, it just felt wrong to be publicized


It seemed we were locked in a personal bubble

The threat of COVID-19, the mask-wearing struggle


We strived to support and nurture each other

In our attempt to emotionally recover


“Physical distancing," the subsequent name

Was a dubious term in this word game


Both names made people scatter, and fret

The situation compelled a better term, yet


It required a theme that had meaning and purpose

For sure, not a phrase that could emotionally hurt us


We needed a term that put reason with a goal

That gave people rights, a unique special role


A chance to be responsible for both you and me

While being mindful of others to act healthfully


The term, “healthy distancing” is what we propose

It may catch on, albeit, who knows


To conjure up care, love, concern, and respect

Compassion, protection, the ideal effect


To signal positivity and offer anew

A chance to recover for those anxious and blue


A term less prescriptive, more realistic and fair

Perhaps, more accepted for us all to bear


People may shudder and be confused, for sure

Yet, some may accept it, as it has some allure


In words there is health, so let’s adopt what is best “Healthy distancing” is the term, we politely request.

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