• Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences
Review Article

Evaluating Growth and Tolerance of Blenderized Tube Feeding Formulas in Children: A Narrative Review of the Literature

Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences [2021; 3(1): 18-33]
Received: 19 June 2021, Accepted: 06 March 2021, Published: 12 March 2021

Evidence assessing the safety, efficacy, and growth of children on home enteral nutrition receiving blenderized tube feeding (BTF) formulas is limited. Commercial BTF formulas are now widely available, as are plant-based versions of these formulas as plant-based diets grow in popularity. This narrative review of the literature presents data from the past 25 years on quality of life, clinical, and anthropometric outcomes in children fed BTFs and differentiates between commercial and homemade BTF formulas when possible. Further, while data on plant-based BTFs is limited, this paper discusses challenges and opportunities for clinicians with patients who choose this regimen. The results suggest that both homemade and commercial BTF formulas can promote growth and are often well-tolerated by pediatric patients, though plant-based BTF regimens require close scrutiny and careful monitoring. A nutrition care team should be involved in the planning and monitoring of all patients receiving enteral nutrition at home, particularly those on homemade BTFs and those who follow a plant-based diet.

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