• Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences
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Drivers and Deterrents of Canadians Adopting Canada’s New Food Guide and Using Plant-based Foods

Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences [2022; 4(1): 32-49]
Received: 18 February 2022, Accepted: 04 March 2022, Published: 09 March 2022

Recent global and national initiatives have placed greater emphasis on recommending foods that are healthier and more sustainable. However, the current attitudes underlying Canadian consumers’ food choices, and the sociodemographic factors that drive or deter these choices are not well known. The aim of this study was to learn more about Canadian attitudes towards and perceptions of plant-based foods and the 2019 Canada's Food Guide (CFG). In an online survey, 1042 participants rated their attitudes towards plant-based foods and the new CFG. The impact of sociodemographic factors and the influence of environmental knowledge on participants’ dietary choices were also assessed. Overall, (57.6%) participants were familiar with the 2019 CFG, which was influenced by their gender, age, income, and their level of education. Taste was identified as a barrier to consuming bean dishes in older participants whereas 68.9% of participants consuming beans identified taste and ease of preparation as attractive features. Canadian consumers vary in the amount of plant-based foods consumed and some were conflicted in their willingness to purchase plant-based products. Environmental gains, taste, price, and convenience influenced food choices. Analyses of drivers and deterrents to change may inform strategies to increase consumer adoption of the new CFG and the use of more plant-based foods.

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