• Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences

Control of Iron Deficiency in Indian Infants and Children: A Made-in-India Solution

Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences [2019; 1(1):95-98]
Received: 03 October 2019, Accepted: 22 October 2019, Published: 28 October 2019

Just over a year ago, the Prime Minister’s office announced the formation of the Indian National Nutrition Mission (NMM). The mission will monitor, supervise, fix targets and guide nutrition related interventions across ministries. The program will strive to reduce the level of stunting, under-nutrition, anaemia and low birth weight babies. The timing of the NMM could not be better. India has made such incredible progress in so many domains that it seems somewhat counterintuitive that it has the highest prevalence of preventable child malnutrition in the world. With over 61 million stunted children, India accounts for 38% of the global burden of stunting. In comparison to Sub-Saharan Africa, the rates of malnutrition in Indian children are nearly twice as high.

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