• Women's Health Research

Considerations for Strengthening Contraceptive Compliance Education among Underserved Adolescent Populations

Women's Health Research [2022; 4(1):1-8]
Received: 26 May 2022, Accepted: 23 June 2022, Published: 29 June 2022

Family planning efforts to be successful must address a variety of factors that potentially impede contraceptive access and successful method uptake. This commentary describes the efforts to enhance birth control acceptance among a population of underserved inner-city perinatal adolescent patients receiving care in a public health facility. While 97% of adolescent patients had contraception discussed at some point in their antenatal, hospital stay or postpartum period; however, there was no correlation between the timing and content of these discussions and ultimate choice or initiation of contraception, Moreover, documented contraceptive uptake again was minimal. This assessment identified influential vectors such as provider variance, protocol adherence and message timing that may have reduced contraceptive uptake. Strategies are recommended that can enhance a public health system’s ability to effectively address the unique contraceptive needs and barriers of underserved populations.

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