• Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences
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Association of Nutritional Status with Survival in Patients with Solid Tumors: A Stage Based Analysis

Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences [2024; 5(1): 1-20]
Received: 04 January 2024, Accepted: 27 January 2024, Published: 02 April 2024

In this paper, we investigate the correlation between nutritional status and survival outcomes in patients with solid tumors, specifically focusing on Pancreas, Liver, Large intestine, Stomach, and Breast cancers. The recognition of malnutrition's profound impact on cancer outcomes, including compromised immunity and treatment-related complications, underscores the significance of early intervention. Existing tools like the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) and risk estimation tools have limitations, necessitating more comprehensive evaluations beyond BMI.

Conducted at the Community Cancer Institute in Clovis, California, our study adopts a retrospective approach, analyzing patient data from 2009-2019. Initial findings from a pilot study reveal intriguing correlations, such as between BMI and survival rates in liver cancer patients and a positive link between BMI and breast cancer metastasis. Subsequent analysis with an expanded sample size identifies additional correlations, underscoring the potential of blood-related nutritional parameters as valuable prognostic indicators.

Acknowledging study limitations, including incomplete nutrition intake and biomarker data, the findings highlight the promise of nutritional evaluations in predicting survival outcomes. Over 77% of cancer patients in our dataset exhibit overweight or obesity, supporting existing research on the BMI-cancer prevalence association. Future research directions involve exploring changes in body composition post-treatment and evaluating the impact of pre-conditioning with nutritional supplementation. This ongoing research aims to enhance strategies for optimizing cancer treatment outcomes and improving patient well-being.

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