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Open Access Membership

Starling Science Publications give an enrolment program to individuals, academic and research institutions, corporates, societies and funders to support researchers who publish in our journals. The participation is intended to give financial support to article-handling charges while permitting organizations to successfully deal with their open access output.

Authors who are the part of organizations can distribute their work in any Starling Science Publications/ Journals at complete waiver by any means. Participation empowers an association to cover open access article processing charges acquired by its researchers.

We urge all authors to impart advantages of this program to their suggesting body in the establishment and help your organization to end up individual from this program to distribute their examination work with astounding quality and with no budgetary requirements.

Membership benefits

  • Complete waiver is offered on every article handling charge, making research awards and institutional open access funds stretch further.
  • This program permits your organization to demonstrate its support for open access publishing, and empowers creators to distribute at a significantly discount rate.
  • Our open access strategies are agreeable with an extensive variety of funders, so you can be sheltered in the learning that your authors will consent to open access mandates.
  • The payment procedure is straight-forward and manageable, it expels the institutional regulatory weight from institutions.
  • You will be empowered with expanded presentation for an organization.

Starling Science Publications offers five unique sorts of Membership. View each Membership option below to learn more.

  1. Individual Membership - $ 4500
  2. Any individual who is interested in research can take the Individual Membership. It allows researchers and academicians to submit and publish unsolicited number of articles in the journal for one year. Prestigious certificate of Annual Membership will be provided to the Member who acquires the Membership.

  3. Shared/Mutual Membership - $ 6000
  4. Shared/ Mutual membership gives the opportunity to the researchers who are working in the same fields, to publish their unlimited work to the journal. They can submit their work individually as well as in collaboration without any fee after taking the Shared/ Mutual Membership.

  5. Group Membership - $ 8000
  6. Any institute, or board who support their researchers to publish their work, can take the group membership, which enables to publish all the articles of member who are registered in group to publish their research individually as well as in group. No article will be charged for the submission and publication. Registered researcher of Group Membership can submit infinite number of articles annually.

  7. Institutional Membership - $ 10000
  8. Institutional membership provide complete waiver to all the articles need to be publish from the same Institute. Any authorised student or professor from the same institute having membership will be eligible to submit and publish their novel research in numerous.

  9. Shared Institutional Membership - $ 12000
  10. Shared membership can be obtained by two different Institutes for their mutual benefits. If the membership is obtained by two different institutions then all the articles from the two institutions will be published with complete waiver.

  11. The research study should be done in compliance with the ethical rights.