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Acta Epigenetica is a single-blind, peer-reviewed quarterly publication that consists of four issues with standard editorial operations, reviewers, and policies. The journal covers research, theory, and the application of fundamental aspects of epigenetic memory and inheritance, genome evolution, and the regulatory impact of repetitive elements, as well as our current understanding of the principles of nuclear organization and gene regulation.

Acta Epigenetica publishes original contributions on the specialty sections outlined as follows: Epigenetic reprogramming, Developmental epigenetics, Epigenomics, Epigenetics and human diseases, Genome stability, Epitranscriptome, Cancer Epigenetics, Neuroepigenetics, Epigenetic Pathways, Epigenetic Regulation and Genome Integrity, Environmental epigenetics, and Transgenerational inheritance.

All specialty sections are open-access and publish original research, reviews, opinions and commentaries. Any correspondence or queries for information on the manuscript submission process should be sent to the Acta Epigenetica editorial office as follows: editor@actaepigenetica.org



Epigenetics in Neurology

Prahlad K Sethi, Nitin K Sethi

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