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Experience the Era of Scholarly Publishing

While working in Starling Science Publications as an Editor gives us an immense pleasure in terms of publishing and reviewing. We are grateful to have you as eminentboard of editors with the excellent review and publications opt by you. We wish to continue your trust towards our journal by providing you our best.


More than thousands of eminent editors who are highly expert in their respective field are the part of Starling Science Publications. It ensuresquality and quick processing of a manuscript as each manuscript is supervised and suggested by the best and experts.


All publications are certified by Creative Commons (CC) license, which implies most extreme conveyance for your work while you hold copyright and attribution. All the authors and reviewers have the alternative to make the review history open it implies Starling Science Publications is one of the best assets for figuring out how to enhance a composition before it is submitted and how to legitimately survey an original copy.


We perceived that writers need choices rapidly, and readers would prefer not to yield quality. That can be a precarious balance, however at only 21 days to first decision (median of all disciplines). You can be sure you'll get what you're after. We've consummate this by 1) fabricating an arrangement of inner apparatuses for editors, reviewers, and staff and 2) keeping up an extensive prestigious editorial board to ease work load.


Starling Science Publications high perceivability and reach, Authors can be sure that great research will be seen and cited. How would you know Starling Science Publications distributions are exceptionally obvious? And keeping in mind that we accept that any individual’s article should be measured on its own merits instead of the journal that it is published in, we do realize that authors require some indication that a journal can reach to readers in their field. By offering article level statistics we need to make it as simple as feasible for anybody see the number of readers, perspectives and downloads an article has received.

Credit for your work

We help our authors to increase social networking scope for their work by composing and disperse the last and final press release. You ought to likewise be perceived for commitments whether you're an author, editorial member, or reviewer. Starling Science Publications is one of the primary distributers to give unmistakable and citable credit to editors and reviewers for every contribution made. This is achieved by providing DOIs link to every signed manuscript.


Being indexed and discoverable is basic requirement to our authors. With the way individuals find new research today a journal's productions must be machine-decipherable in different format and constantly progressed. Fast and ceaseless improvement is one reason we've manufactured Starling Science Publications starting with no outside help in-house.

Experience and support

Starling Science Publications has won different honors since we think profoundly about the general involvement for authors, editors, reviewer, readers, administrators and our own particular staff.

We consider customer support seriously and mean to have your issue settled inside a couple of hours. Everybody, including Starling Science Publicationsco-founders, contributes to help on support emails and queries. This helps every one of us keep our ears low to the ground, so that each individual from staff realizes what the issues are for authors, editors, and reviewers.