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The Impact of Authentic Leadership on Nurses’ Work Life: A Literature Review "Critical"

Archives of Healthcare [2020; 1(1):37-55]
Received: 21 January 2020, Accepted: 10 February 2020, Published: 15 February 2020

Authentic leadership (AL) has been shown to have a significant impact on different fields, such as healthcare, education, and business. AL also impacts different work life outcomes, such as improving employee performance, increasing the safety climate, and building trust relationships between managers and staff. This review was conducted in the Middle East and it was determined that AL could add much to the Qatar National Health Strategy and leaders' capacity.

Aim: The purpose of this literature review was to explore the relationship between authentic leadership and nurses’ work lives.

Method: The literature review "Critical" included quantitative and qualitative studies. The decision to review a study was based upon inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the data of the selected studies were analyzed using either an appraisal tool for a qualitative or a quantitative study.

Tools: The first evaluation tool used to assess qualitative research studies was created by Long and Godfrey (2004). [1] The second evaluation tool used to assess quantitative research studies were created by Long, Godfrey, Randall, Brettle, and Grant (2002). [2]

Conclusion: Authentic leadership has significant impact on different aspects of nurses' mental health, work engagement, and job satisfaction.

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