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Case Report

Coordinating the Chaos Trauma Victim: The Unborn Neonate

Archives of Healthcare [2020; 1(2):81-90]
Received: 18 June 2020, Accepted: 27 July 2020, Published: 03 August 2020

Introduction: Prenatal traumatic injuries are rare. Our NICU team joined a multidisciplinary response to care for a mother post motor vehicle accident (MVA) and her injured fetus.

Case Presentation:

Main Symptoms: An emergent C-section was performed following non-reassuring fetal heart rate.

Main clinical findings: At birth, baby V. was flaccid, cyanotic and apneic with heart rate >100. Placental inspection indicated a partial abruption.
Maternal CT prior to delivery showed a fetal femoral fracture and intraabdominal hemorrhage.
Main diagnoses and interventions: Problems concerning baby V. included prematurity, femoral fracture, liver laceration, and adrenal hemorrhage, contributing to DIC. A UVC was placed for fluid resuscitation.
Endotracheal intubation was performed to enable ventilator support.
Multiple blood transfusions and stabilization of the femur fracture were required.

Main outcomes: Mother and baby recovered completely.

Conclusion: Poly-trauma requires immediate identification and prioritization of injuries and treatment. Collaboration between treatment teams was crucial in achieving successful outcomes.

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