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Use of Lightly Potassium-Enriched Soy Sauce at Home Reduced Urinary Sodium-to-Potassium Ratio

Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences [2019; 1(1):27-36]
Received: 26 February 2019, Accepted: 20 March 2019, Published: 27 March 2019


A high sodium (Na) intake and low potassium (K) intake are factors affecting hypertension in Japan. Thirty-three residents took part in a randomized, controlled crossover trial. The purpose was to evaluate the effects of use of lightly potassium-enriched condiments (low Na/K condiments; 25% less Na and 20% higher K) on the urinary Na/K ratio, which is related to the dietary Na/K ratio. One week after the baseline measurements (run-in period), the participants were assigned to either a low Na/K condiments group or a standard condiments group for 2 weeks (experiment period 1). The conditions were then reversed for the next 2 weeks (experiment period 2). The participants were requested to use the given low Na/K or standard condiments during the designated periods at their home as usual instead of their own condiments. Casual urine measurements were taken over seven consecutive days in each run-in period during experiment periods 1 and 2. The average urinary Na/K ratios (mol/mol, mean±SD) in the low Na/K period were significantly lower than those in standard period by the paired t-test (3.28±1.56 vs. 3.96±1.98, P=0.001). The use of low Na/K condiments was effective in lowering the urinary Na/K ratio, which suggests blood pressure lowering effects.

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