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Sexual Intestinal Tuberculosis
  • International Clinical Case Reports Journal
Case Report

Sexual Intestinal Tuberculosis

Journal of Clinical Cases [2018] 1(1): 7-8
Received: 20 May 2018, Accepted: 31 May 2018, Published: 05 June 2018


A 30-year-old fisherman presented with insidious diarrhea with mucus for 9 months and weight loss of 13 kg over 6 months, with evolution to daily diarrhea over the last 3 months, abdominal pain, fever and night sweats, without coughing or expectoration. His serologies for HCV, HIV and syphilis were negative, with normal hemogram and leukogram. Echography showed small intestine and right colon edema and multiple atypical mesenteric lymph nodes. LDH 169; PCR 96.92; VHS 90; PPD negative.

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