• International Clinical Case Reports Journal

About the Journal

International Clinical Case Reports Journal is different from other case report, case study and case review journals. Our aim is to directly improve global health and increase clinical understanding using case reports to convey important best practice information.

We welcome case reports from all areas of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science and may include:

1) Any clinical case or procedure which illustrates an important best practice teaching message

2) Any clinical case or procedure which illustrates the appropriate use of an important clinical guideline or systematic review.

As well as: 

The management of novel or very uncommon diseases

A common disease presenting in an uncommon way

An uncommon disease masquerading as something more common

Cases which expand understanding of disease pathogenesis

Cases where the teaching point is based on an error Cases which allow us to re-think established medical lore Unreported adverse effects of interventions (drug, procedural, or other).

Reasons to publish with International Clinical Case Reports Journal:

• High impact – your case can improve health outcomes

• High standard, rigorous peer review

- Rapid publication, with an average manuscript turnaround time for the last year of 21 days!

• Open Access – reports are published under a Creative Commons license and authors are the copyright holder

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