• Journal of Investigative Oncology
Case Report

The Importance of Nutrıtıon in Advanced Lung Cancer Patient: A Case Report

Journal of Investigative Oncology [2021; 2(1):1-3]
Received: 12 February 2021, Accepted: 02 March 2021, Published: 08 July 2021

Lung cancer is an important public health problem and the most common cause of cancer all over the world. Despite recently developed diagnostic tools, lung cancer is often diagnosed at an advanced stage and/or with distant metastasis. The most frequent distant organ metastases sites in lung cancer are bone, brain, liver, and surrenal. Patients with advanced stage lung cancer experience loss of appetite and weight during their clinical history and frequently receive chemotherapy. Supporting the nutrition of the patients is important for the general condition and continuity of treatment cures. Our case is presented to emphasize the importance of this issue and to create awareness.

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