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Development of Tracking Ocular Reflexes in Newborns in Abia South Eastern Nigeria

Ophthalmic Research Journal [2018; 1(1): 1-10]
Received: 12 April 2018, Accepted: 21 May 2018, Published: 26 May 2018


Good visual acuity and the reflexes that are essential to normal functioning vision are not present in the newborn they develop with age. In this study, Children in Abia state of South Eastern Nigeria of age 0 to 48 months had their visual acuity, pursuit, saccadic and vergence reflexes enquired for with a behavioural observation method as the eyes tracked the stimuli of a steady speed. Visual acuity was measured as 20/600 by the 4th week of age and it improved to the standard 20/20 at the 48th month. Saccadic was earliest developed at the 8th week and was in all the population measured by the 18th week. Pursuit was developed by the 10th week and was fully established by the 21st week. The percentage with reflexes y, in the study population against age x, (in weeks) showed positive linear regressions. The estimated regression equation for saccadic, ŷ = -61.16+9.52x and coefficient of determination, r2 =0.97. Pursuit, ŷ=-83.1+8.49x with r20.93. Vergence, ŷ=-52.77+6.36x and r2 =0.96. Failure of a child to present these maneuvers when expected could be indicative of a significant bilateral eye or brain abnormality; hence a referral for a more formal visual assessment is advisable.

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