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JIC - Journal of Investigative Oncology - is a high-quality open access publication that deals with all aspects of oncology. Journal of Investigative Oncology has been appearing bimonthly and is thus one of the best electronic journals with the uninterrupted publication since its foundation.

Articles can be submitted through the web submission form at http://www.starlingscience.com/journal-of-investigative-oncology/submit_manuscript.php

Plagiarism check: Authors of submitted papers give an explicit permission to plagiarism check of their submitted (and accepted) articles.

Duration of the review process: The duration of the evaluation process depends entirely on the quality of the submission. From past experience, excellent and innovative papers written in flawless English in an area that is mainstream can pass the evaluation process in less than 1 month. However, if the reviewers demand a revision and hence the authors have to send an improved version followed by a second round of reviews, the evaluation time may be easily twice as much.

Journal of Investigative Oncology gratefully acknowledges the assistance and help of researchers who have contributed to the evaluation of submissions to our journal. Please send your original articles to oncology@biomedicaljournals.org

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