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Neck Dissection Does Not Add to Morbidity or Mortality of Laryngectomy

The Journal of Laryngology, Rhinology & Otology [2018; 1(1): 9-22]
Received: 21 June 2018, Accepted: 18 July 2018, Published: 25 November 2018



1. Examine the national rates of complications, readmission, reoperation, death and length of hospital stay after laryngectomy.

2. Explore the risks of neck dissection with laryngectomy using outcomes.

Study Design: retrospective review of the American College of Surgeons National Quality Improvement Program (ACS-NSQIP) database

Setting: Multicenter data pooled from 2005-2013 ACS-NSQIP database.

Methods: The database was analyzed for patients undergoing laryngectomy with and without neck dissection. Demographic, perioperative complication, reoperation, readmission, and death variables were analyzed.

Results: Our study found 754 patients who underwent total laryngectomy during this time. Demographic analysis showed average age was 63 yrs old, most [555 (75%)] were white, and most [598 (79%)] were male. Of these patients, 520(69%) included a neck dissection while 234(31%) did not. When comparing patients who received a neck dissection to those who did not, there were no significant differences in median length of hospital stay (12.5 days w/ ND vs. 13.3 days w/o ND p=0.99), rates of complication (40% w/ ND vs. 35% w/o ND p=0.23), reoperation (13.5% w/ ND vs. 14% w/o ND p=0.81), readmission (14% w/ ND vs. 18% w/o ND p=0.27), and death (1.3% w/ ND vs. 1.3% w/o ND p>0.99). Furthermore, neck dissection did not increase the risk of complication (p=0.23), readmission (p=0.27), reoperation (p=0.81), death (p=0.94), or lengthened hospital stay (p=0.38).

Conclusion: Concurrent neck dissection does not increase postoperative morbidity or mortality in patients undergoing total laryngectomies. These results may help physicians make decisions regarding concurrent neck dissection with total laryngectomy.

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