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Glomus Jugulare Tumor: A Classic Presentationand Review of the Literature

Surgical Sciences Journal [2018; 1(1): 22-30]
Received: 16 May 2018, Accepted: 22 June 2018, Published: 30 July 2018


Background: Glomus jugulare tumor (GJT) is a slow-growing, benign neural crest tumor arising in the jugular foramen of the temporal bone.It is a type of paraganglioma. The incidence has been cited as 1 per 1.3 million people.

Aims: We aimed to present a classic case of a glomus jugulare tumor and a practical approach to identifying and managing this condition.

Methods: A chart review of a single case of GJT was performed along with a review of relevant literature.

Results: A GJT can be managed with observation, preoperative embolization, surgery, radiotherapy or radiosurgery, with traditional surgery being the definitive treatment. Radiation can be used as primary or adjunct treatment in patients who are elderly, have increased morbidity, or if the tumor is near significant arteries, nerves, or veins.
Conclusion: GJT’s were once thought to be exceedingly rare, but now are increasing in incidence, perhaps due to the increased use of radiographic imaging. They are slow-growing tumors with subtle symptoms and will often go undiagnosed for a delayed period of time. Physician awareness should be increased on the presentation and treatment options in this setting to optimize patient care.

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